Still waters run deep. Keep that in mind as we slide into Scorpio season. Like the scorpion that symbolizes this water sign, it can be downright dangerous to underestimate a Scorpio. Though they may appear dark and mysterious on the surface, beneath that calm exterior lies the most intense and powerful emotional energy in all the zodiac. Determined and tenacious to the core (the word quit doesn’t exist in their vocabulary), those born in Scorpio season possess a depth that is wise beyond their years and a curiosity that is rarely satisfied.


Burning with fiery passion, Scorpios take full control of their destiny, harnessing their intuitive nature and magnetic charm to get them where they want to go. Their outward appearance is calm and collected (embodying the go with the flow attitude of water signs) and they rarely lose their cool under pressure. But don’t let their chill vibes fool you. Scorpios are notoriously perceptive and sensitive, noticing even the smallest details and picking up on things that others might miss. Water signs are known for being mysterious, imaginative, and ultra-sensitive, and Scorpio babes are no different, they just tend to hide their deep well of emotions beneath a strong, independent, take-no-shit exterior.


Although they are most comfortable hanging back and reading the room, their emotional strength makes them stand out in social situations, and their passionate intensity makes for an irresistible personality. People want to be around them, especially because they are fiercely loyal friends who aren’t afraid to get deep or discuss intimate things. Their moods tend to swing unpredictably because they feel things so intensely, and they love to embrace their rebellious side to keep things passionate, but once you’re in their inner circle, they are kindhearted and compassionate friends. The Scorpion can be distrustful, always fearing that her secrets will be revealed and her vulnerable feelings exposed, but once you have won her heart and earned her trust, she is a ride or die for life that will have your back and protect your secrets with all the ferocity of her scorpion counterpart.


Scorpio babes live life fearlessly on their own terms, and don’t wait for anyone else’s approval. Even when they burn themselves out with their overwhelming emotions, they are a beautifully regenerative and resilient sign, able to rise from the ashes and bounce back over and over, much like the scorpion’s ability to continually re-grow its tail.


The most sensual and erotic of all the signs, red HAHT Scorpio’s passionate nature extends to their relationships as well. They tend to be affectionate and giving, dedicated to keeping the flame not only alive but burning. Scorpios lose themselves in love, and nurture deep relationships that are emotionally and physically satisfying. They bring serious heat to the bedroom, and it’s no surprise that this passionate water sign lives for indulging in lingerie, the gift that keeps on giving. If you have a Scorpio lover, get ready for a lifetime of passion and excitement, and plenty of red HAHT lingerie.


Fiercely independent and self aware, rarely one to give out second chances, Scorpio babes are the ultimate in self-love and self-care. They have a wild streak (whether they admit it or not) and know how to celebrate themselves, which means Scorpio season always stays lit. HAHppy Birthday, Scorpio – here’s to doing it big all the time!


Written by Alison Green