Every year, the crisp fall breeze and scent of Pumpkin Spice Lattes ushers us into Libra season, which is as golden and easygoing as those sweet final days of summer. The Libra zodiac symbol is represented by scales, so it makes sense that Libra babes are all about balance, harnessing their infectious charm, gentle disposition, and natural objectivity to restore harmony and peace to the lives of those around them.


Libras are eternal optimists, and their well-balanced nature and innate sensitivity to others give off a calming and soul-soothing presence. If you’re having a garbage day, find the nearest Libra: grabbing a drink and basking in their calm, even-keeled energy will probably snap you out of it. They also have an unquenchable lust for life, constantly reveling in its beauty and finding new ways to enjoy its pleasures. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, luxury, and beauty, which means they lead with their hearts and know how to treat themselves (don’t worry Libra ladies, you always deserve it). They detest drama and conflict because it interrupts the harmony of life and gets in the way of enjoying life’s pleasures to the fullest, and they are always willing to compromise in order to regain equilibrium. They are excellent communicators who always see both sides of the story and can pick up on the unspoken needs of others in an almost psychic way. They thrive when they are keeping the peace, and reminding those around them how beautiful life can be.


As the second air sign of the zodiac, Libras swing more towards a light breeze than a gale-force wind. The essence of air signs is intellect and communication, usually accompanied by an urge for movement, growth, or change. Libra babes embrace that essence with a subtle strength, embodying the winds of change in such a calming and mild way that you may not even notice you’re being swept up. tumblr_nn849eAvrl1qza249o1_500

Libras are self-care queens who strive to look their best at all times. They have an eye for style and their look is always on point. The energy they get from ruling planet Venus injects charm and personality into everything they touch, especially their outfits. They’re the friend that will tell you life’s too short not to wear that dress you’re always saving for a special occasion. Despite their love of fashion, most of the Libra glow up comes from their inner beauty and love of harmony. They are their best and brightest when they are surrounded by people, and bringing people together.


Partnership comes easily to these easygoing babes. Libras are romantics who are in love with love, and their natural ability to communicate and compromise means their relationships usually outlast any bumps in the road. Libras are team players and social justice warriors who are constantly striving towards equality and fairness, and they seek out partners that are open-minded and able to keep up with them. They are looking for the yang to their yin, someone who can keep the relationship exciting and evolving without creating unnecessary drama (scrubs, don’t even try).


Scales represent the eternal journey to find balance, which Libras pursue with passion. The up and down, back and forth nature of scales also represents Libra’s tendency to deliberate when it comes to making decisions. Their fear of uprooting harmony and creating internal or external conflict can often leave them paralyzed with indecisiveness, yet this selfless and socially graceful sign has nothing but endless optimism for those around them. Even as they strive to find life’s perfect balance, Libras make it a priority to seek out pleasure and surround themselves with beauty, especially during Libra season. Happy Birthday LibrHAH – here’s to a drama-free season of balance, harmony, and slaying HAHmazing fall looks.



Written by Alison Green