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Time to get your shit together: it’s Virgo season! With two feet planted firmly on the ground, these practical Earth babes examine the world with razor sharp analytical skills and only believe things when they see them. Pro tip for all other signs: find a Virgo if you need advice – they are loyal and observant friends who will always keep it real. Ambitious and resourceful, with an unstoppable focus and legendary attention to detail, Virgos are the go-getters we all aspire to be on our most caffeinated Monday mornings. They dream big, yet never fail to root those dreams in reality, pursuing them with a one-two punch of careful planning and fierce work ethic. Don’t even try to get in the way of a determined Virgo with a to-do list, because when they decide to shoot for the stars, you better believe they’ve already calculated the distance.



Perfectionists by nature, Virgos’ intensity and sensitivity can sometimes come off as shy or self-conscious, but their down to earth nature inspires them to hang back and observe rather than be the center of attention. Their  attention to detail makes them one of the most tender, thoughtful signs in the Zodiac, expert at picking up on subtle energies and tuning into vibes. They know how to read a room, which makes them excellent public speakers and masters of storytelling, once they feel comfortable enough to freely be their au natural self. Don’t be fooled by their cautious façade or virginal representation: there is a fiery passion and complex emotions simmering beneath their cool exterior, just waiting to be ignited by a patient and devoted lover. Strong and capable, Virgos are most turned on by intellectual stimulation, and when they meet someone who can keep up with them mentally and physically, they go all in.


Virgos value honesty and truth above all else, and will often get involved and speak up if they see something that is not right. Their deep-rooted connection with Mother Earth drives an unquenchable desire to take care of their surroundings, and Virgos are often rebels with a cause, aiming their laser focus at making the Earth a better place, whether through sustainability or social justice.  While the Virgo babe is a planner at heart, running her busy life like a well-oiled machine, her ultimate focus is on meaningful work that does something good for the world (#StartSomewhere). Although Virgo’s Zodiac symbol conjures up images of innocence and delicate womanhood, it is also a reference to their impressive ability to continually examine the world as if seeing it for the first time. Their grounded connection to the Earth means they often take things seriously, but it also means that these determined and inspirational Earth mamas can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Happy birthday Virgo babies! Don’t forget to take a day off from meticulously planning your world domination in order to celebrate your HAHrdworking and badass self – you deserve it.