HAH Hot As Hell Festival Fashion Inspiration 3With Coachella right around the corner comes the start of my favorite season… festival season! Of course it’s mostly about the music, but anyone who thinks that festival fashion isn’t important is either lying or hasn’t actually been to a festival. That’s why I slaved for hours putting together this festival fashion guide for your convenience  (it’s a HAHrd job, but someone’s gotta do it!)

I’ll keep it short and sweet – when it comes to festival style, HAH’s got your sartorial back covered…. I mean literally all of our pieces are designed to be comfortable AND machine washable, two non-negotiables when you’re talking about what to wear to a festival. Let me reiterate that our ENTIRE collection is MACHINE WASHABLE! I can tell you from firsthand experience that this comes in handy if you happen to be shlepping the entire collection in a couple duffle bags on a 3 day road trip through the  desert on your way to Coachella while simultaneously shooting your bHAHchelorette video in said clothes in 100 degree weather (which is what Kelsey, Rebecca and I actually did just last year)… as you can imagine, by the end of the trip we weren’t gently packing the clothes so much as cramming them in there and hoping for the best (just don’t tell my boss I said that because I’d deny it and you’d just end up looking like a jerk).  And honestly it didn’t matter, because the clothes looked as good as new even AFTER wearing and shooting them for 3 days plus taking them out for round two of Coachella where we danced (and, let’s be honest, sweat) our a$$es off in the hot Coachella Valley sun. I can honestly say that at the end of the day we still looked HAHmazing (if I may say so)  in our easy – breezy stretch mesh and lace fabrics. Plus it was a real life saver to be able to throw everything in the wash immediately afterwards so that someone else could wear it again the next day. At HAH we believe that sharing is caring, and that includes day-old festival gear. And while time-sharing your closet with coworkers might not be something you’re particularly worried about, just know that you can get as down and dirty as you feel comfortable getting, and your HAH will look as good as new whenever you get around to washing it.

I should also mention that because we’re so new and only produce a (very) limited number of pieces per season, you’re almost guaranteed not to see anyone else rocking the same look! So if you’ve been looking for some festival outfit inspiration, look no further. I scoured our fashion archives and compiled my all-time favorite looks to help you plan your Best. Festival. Outfit. Ever!

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Style Yoko Kimono Jilli JoffeThe YOKO KIMONO is a total no-brainer – our brand’s very own stylist, rocked it at Coachella last year, and she’d even break the cardinal rule of outfit repeating by wearing it again this year… It’s just that good. (And to make matters better, it’s raw cut for easy hemming, so you can just cut and go!

HAH Hot-As-Hell Festival Style Sam BlackThe lace BLOW UR HORN pant was absHAHlutely meant for the festival circuit, just ask Sam Black ;). And PS it’s raw cut for easy hemming – just cut and go!

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Style Khloe Kardashian Sophia Richie BoYou can’t go wrong with the REBECCHAH BODYSUIT, which looks good by itself (just ask Khloe Kardashian or Sophia Richie), and even better under your favorite pair of denim cutoffs

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Outfit InspirationIf you’re looking for something easy to throw over a bikini then the HAHT JEN RHAHMPER is just what you need

HAH Hot-As-Hell Festival Style Lace Up BodysuitThe SPINSTER is another winner, this REVERSIBLE bodysuit’s lace-up detail is just what you need to take your look to the next level

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Outfit Inspiration 2Polish off your look with the lace CROP 2 A T, which you can pair with some hi-waisted shorts or our BLOW UR HORN. We love how meadow bolo styled with a bolo tie thank to our friends @meadow_bolo

HAH Hot-As-Hell Festival Style Sam Black Coachella 2016Hit an outfit home run in the COMIN’ FULL CIRCLE – which Sam Black enjoyed twirling in at last year’s festival

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Style inspiration Christina MilianYou’ll be unforgettable in HAHP 2 IT, made of our eco-friendly EFL Fabric (just ask Christina Milian)

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Style inspiration ABSHAHLUTELY DressWant to look and feel ethereal as f***? Then our ABSHAHLUTELY is the dress for you

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Style inspiration TAKE U FARRERTAKE U FARRER will take you farther, it’s combination of lace and mesh is equal parts sweet and sexy, a sophisticated look for any festival junkie. And PS it’s raw cut for easy hemming – just cut and go!

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Style Khloe Kardashian BodysuitThe BODY GLOVE BODYSUIT will keep everything in place as you dance you’re a$$ off late into the night

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Fashion InspirationPants are overrated, (with the exception of BLOW UR HORN…) just ask our stylist Jilli who went sans pants and opted instead for a HI-KINI bottom with her vintage tee

HAH Hot-As-Hell Festival Style Ivy MillerThe RACEY SLIT SKIRT will have you feeling like a boho goddess in no time – just ask Ivy Miller

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Style Rocky Barnes Lace BodysuitIf you’re looking to turn heads then look no further – COMIN’ IN HAHT comes in almost every color and looks HAHmazing under any skirt shorts and/or pants

HAH Hot-As-Hell Festival Style HAHP ON IT 1 PCAll the HAHTIES agree that HAHP ON IT is the perfect accompaniment to any festival

HAH Hot As Hell Festival Style Rocky Barnes Coachella 2016Channel Rocky Barnes, who made waves last Coachella in our QUEEN 4 A DAY DRESS

HAH Hot-As-Hell Coachella Festival InspirationCreate some serious drama in the YES YES YES DRESS – and don’t worry about the train, you can always tie it up so you’re not taking the festival home with you