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Time and time again, Mother Earth has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with…

quote1Unfortunately, we are living in an age in which our Earth is politicized instead of protected, as politicians deny the existence of global warming and climate change even as their dramatic effects grow increasingly disastrous around the world. The Earth has housed, sheltered, and nourished all of humanity, yet it tolerates more destruction and degradation on a daily basis than we could even imagine.

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Recently, it feels like Mother Nature is trying to tell us something, with devastating and heartbreaking displays of force that reverberate around the globe, reminding all of us how small we are in the face of the Earth’s sheer power, how little we understand even after all this time.


Over the course of the past month, Mother Earth has repeatedly lashed out in anger and desperation, in the form of the unprecedented Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Katia, and Hurricane Maria, all ripping through the Gulf Coast, as well as three violent earthquakes wreaking havoc on Mexico… It’s hard to bear witness to this Domino effect of crippling catastrophes and not feel apocalyptic about the state of the world.

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We’re proud to have partnered with Capsule Trade Show to support disaster relief by donating dresses, lingerie, and swim to I Support The Girls (ISTG) Relief Program, an international organization that facilitates the collection and distribution of bras, underwear, and feminine products to homeless and displaced women and girls.

Beyond reminding us of the importance of rising up to help one another, this string of natural disasters is also a jarring wake up call to the importance of taking care of the planet. Crisis can be a powerful a catalyst for change, and now is the time for us to commit to putting our best foot forward towards a sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly future…one that chooses to protect Mother Earth instead of abusing her.


Here is a disturbing fact you may not know:


Hot-As-Hell was born out of a desire to counteract that fact, to break the typical and wasteful mold of fashion. Although we’re not perfect, we decided to #StartSomewhere to create ethically-made and eco-conscious products that are both accessible & appealing, that are #SexyWithASoul. All while simultaneously empowering women to love themselves and love their bodies, and sending the powerful message that sustainability never has to mean sacrificing sexiness.


HAH clothing is ride or die, elevated yet easygoing, the kind of clothing you create a connection with, that inspires you to live an authentic and interesting life while wearing it. It’s also important to us that HAH garments be easy: easy to move in, easy to live your life in, easy to style, and easy to care for. Everything we make is machine washable and designed to survive being thrown in a suitcase or worn out dancing all night – no fuss, no pretentiousness, and most importantly, no dry cleaning, which creates fumes that are incredibly toxic for both humans and the environment.

One of the ways we decided to #StartSomewhere is in our production process: we’ve opted to use eco-friendly digital printing techniques across all our product categories. This innovative digital process is computerized, which means it uses 95% less water than typical screen and rotary printing, and greatly reduces the use of toxic dyes. Digital printing is easier on the environment and produces way less unnecessary fabric and production waste. It also allows us to create higher resolution prints and increasingly intricate designs with a wider range of colors, which sounds like a win/win situation to us.

We also champion an environmentally friendly footprint through the use of our 1 of a Kind sustainable swim fabric, innovative and long-lasting EFL, which is made from biodegradable corn sugar, so you know it’s good enough to eat. EFL fabric maintains a superior durability and chlorine resistance…



The legendary Angela Davis once said,


We’re taking this quote to heart by creating lingerie, swimwear, and clothing that brings the idea of an eco-friendly and sustainable future to life, that proves it is possible to look good and feel good about where your clothes came from and how they were made.

Every journey starts with a single step, every movement that has changed the world began with a small spark of inspiration and the passion and courage to go against the grain, and creating a sustainable future is within our grasp as long as we #StartSomewhere. Small changes and conscientious choices are what eventually adds up to a radical transformation, and we think that’s Hot as Hell.


Written by: Alison Green

Photos by: Last Daze Magazine, Michael Donovan, Emanuele D’Angelo, Jen Senn, Jorden Keith, & Shawn Hanna