HAH’s SS17 Miami Catwalk was seriously Hot-As-Hell. In fact, WGSN named it the “#1 Best Collection of Miami” Swim Week! And now that we’ve started gearing up for Swim Week 2018, it’s making us nostalgic for last year’s epic show – so we decided to take a look back at all the highlights…


Le Jardin de HAH was inspired by the origins of natural beauty – mother earth. The collection is symbolic of the brand’s roots in natural, ethical product for women. This is seen and felt across the entire collection – from a rich color palate inspired by the sun and the sky, to intricate original prints, hand drawn and digitally printed. This season’s print story highlights the dichotomy of beauty vs. the challenges inherent in nature – with a strong message that we are in control of whether lightness or darkness ultimately prevails. Through eco-friendly design and manufacture, HAH heirs on the side of light, and proves it’s never too late to #startsomewhere. 



Chapter 1: Making LemonadeHAH | Hot-As-Hell MIAMI SWIM WEEK CATWALK - 5HAH’s catwalk opens with a color story inspired by the beauty and color of a California sunset – a range of yellows mixed with au naturale and hints of rose gold.


Chapter 2: Big MouthHAH | Hot-As-Hell MIAMI SWIM WEEK CATWALK - 2Next up is the print that everyone is going to be talking about, Big Mouth is badass snakeskin with a hand-drawn serpent who has flowers blossoming out of her mouth. The name of this print is Big Mouth, and was inspired by the polarizing snake, who is at once dangerous and beautiful. In this placement print, she takes a bite out of beauty, choosing light over darkness.


Chapter 3: Hitting the Bonsai HAH | Hot-As-Hell MIAMI SWIM WEEK CATWALK - 3The third chapter opens with our signature Bonsai print, featuring the Japanese bonsai tree, an ancient Japanese art of growing artificially dwarfed trees. This represents the power we have to either support or inhibit the growth of our environment. But also demonstrates that we can interact with nature in a respectful way, and appreciate its beauty as art.


Chapter 4: The Butterflies & the BeesHAH | Hot-As-Hell MIAMI SWIM WEEK CATWALK - 4Chapter four heroes a print we’ve called Butterflies N’ Bees, depicting an array of insects that represent positivity and growth – butterflies through evolution and personal growth, and bumble bees, who spread pollen, and, in doing so, create beautiful growth in the world. Bees can be seen as dangerous or scary, but in reality, spread beauty through the world and are essential to life.



We always say that you can be Hot-As-Hell at any age… And at Miami Swim week we walked the walk, quite literally – by redefining what it means to be a model at Miami swim Week and having one of the most diverse catwalks of Miami Swim Week. We’re all about making and breaking trHAHditions, and we’re proud that women and girls of all ages and ethnicities walked in our catwalk – we had generations of #HAHT moms (including a couple that walked with her daughters! Including Akilah and Sydney Wheeler, pictured above), real-life sisters, women in their 30’s and 50’s, and even pregnant models! It was a true celebration of women, regardless of age and in every stage of life – proving once and for all that Hot-As-Hell is a state of mind.


What a year 2016 was, it left us saying #whatHAHppened?! It’s definitely gonna be hard to top it this year, but we’ll certainly do our best…